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Read the latest news and trends in Digital Transformation

 As telecommunications companies set their goals for 2021, we dive into some of the trends and highlights in the industry for this upcoming year. From 5G to IoT and more, we have you covered with five trends in telecom for 2021.

The telecommunications industry constitutes a major component of the critical infrastructures that safeguard and protect society. As time changes, new needs and challenges arise. The industry, and especially Telcos, must know how to adapt to them. That is why we developed TREE, a platform created specifically to support the transformation of Telcos, automating processes and managing their assets and infrastructures

The fifth-generation network comes with important changes to all industries, especially for Telcos.

Find out about the main advances and benefits that 5G will bring, and how processes will be more automated and optimised than ever before.   

5G is expected to bring great advances in network automation, providing the necessary boost to combine digital transformation with network automation.
With Open Ran networks, companies will be able to share networking equipment, helping to economise on deployment and implementing artificial intelligence.

With the emergence of the industry 4.0, digitalization in the industry has advanced dramatically. This has brought significant benefits to industry. Our article about Digital Twins and Data Collection will develop this concept and some benefits offered by this disruptive technology.